Integrated Water Closet Flat Packed Homes

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Lavatory house namely on the basis of standard flat packed container house increase indoor raise frame, wash basin, water supply and drainage pipeline and other facilities, to meet the needs of people to wash.

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Lavatory house namely on the basis of standard flat packed container house increase indoor raise frame, wash basin, water supply and drainage pipeline and other facilities, to meet the needs of people to wash.

A water closet house include a 3-meter box, a bathroom platform, 2 sets of stainless steel sinks (5 cells with normal single cooling head), 1 set mop pool (with normal faucet), 1 set washer faucet, a stainless steel drain, 1 set spare floor drain, door with ventilation louver. Its faucets and other materials are copper core, used China's famous brand materials, the quality is very reliable.


The house could be designed according to customer’s requirements, such as: The water closet house is added the shower function.

Partitions are added to separate the shower room from the wash closet room.


One side for the shower, other side for water closet


Wash Basin with Different Style





V-170 ceiling (hidden nail)


V-290 ceiling (without nail)

Surface of the wall panel


Wall ripple panel


Orange peel panel

Insulation layer of the wall panel


Rock wool


Glass cotton



Normal basin


Marble basin



Round lamp


Long lamp

Clothes wash basin


SS clothes wash basin


Marble clothes wash basin

GS Housing group has an design company - Beijing Boyuhongcheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

the design institute is able to provide customized technical guidance programs and master a rational layout for different customers. and interprets the connotation of prefabricated buildings from the perspective of customers.

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At present, we have undertaken many large-scale projects:Pakistan Mohmand Hydropower Project, Trinidad Airport Project,Sri Lanka Colombo Project,La Paz Water Supply Project in Bolivia,China Universal project, Daxing International airport project, “HUOSHENGSHAN” & “LEISHENSHAN” hospitals project, and various Metro construction projects in China... covering the engineering camps, commercial, civil, education, military camps industries etc.

1000-1500 kinds of container house can meet the needs of different types of office, accommodation, bathing, kitchen, conference and so on.

The Design Institute of GS housing is the core of the company’s technology. It is responsible for the development of the company’s new products, as well as the upgrade of existing product , scheme design, construction drawing design, budget and other related technical work. They have successively launched the new flat packed house-G type, fast-installed houses and other products, achieved 48 national invention patents.

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  • Water Closet House
    Specifiction L*W*H(mm) Outer size 6055*2990/2435*2896
    Inner size 5845*2780/2225*2590   customzied size could be provided
    Roof type Flat roof with four internal drain-pipes (Drain-pipe cross size:40*80mm)
    Storey ≤3
    Design date Designed service life 20 years
    Floor live load 2.0KN/㎡
    Roof live load 0.5KN/㎡
    Weather load 0.6KN/㎡
    Sersmic 8 degree
    Structure Column Specification:210*150mm,Galvanized cold roll steel, t=3.0mm Material: SGC440
    Roof main beam Specification:180mm,Galvanized cold roll steel, t=3.0mm Material: SGC440
    Floor main beam Specification:160mm,Galvanized cold roll steel, t=3.5mm Material: SGC440
    Roof sub beam Specification:C100*40*12*2.0*7PCS,Galvanized cold roll C steel, t=2.0mm Material:Q345B
    Floor sub beam Specification:120*50*2.0*9pcs,”TT”shape pressed steel, t=2.0mm Material:Q345B
    Paint Powder electrostatic spraying   lacquer≥80μm
    Roof Roof panel 0.5mm Zn-Al coated colorful steel sheet, white-gray
    Insulation material 100mm glass wool with single Al foil. density ≥14kg/m³, Class A Non-combustible
    Ceiling V-193 0.5mm pressed  Zn-Al coated colorful steel sheet, hidden nail, white-gray
    Floor Floor surface 2.0mm PVC board, dark gray
    Base 19mm cement fiber board, density≥1.3g/cm³
    Moistureproof layer Moisture-proof plastic film
    Bottom sealing plate 0.3mm Zn-Al coated board
    Wall Thickness 75mm thick colorful steel sandwich plate; Outer plate:0.5mm orange peel aluminum plated zinc colorful steel plate, ivory white, PE coating; Inner plate:0.5mm aluminum-zinc plated pure plate of color steel, white gray, PE coating; Adopt “S” type plug interface to eliminate the effect of cold and hot bridge
    Insulation material rock wool,density≥100kg/m³, Class A Non-combustible
    Door Specification(mm) W*H=840*2035mm
    Material Steel shutter
    Window Specification(mm) Front window: W*H=1150*1100,Back window: W*H==800*500
    Frame material Pastic steel, 80S, With anti-theft rod, Invisible screen window
    Glass 4mm+9A+4mm double glass
    Electrical Voltage 220V~250V / 100V~130V
    Wire Main wire:6㎡, AC wire:4.0㎡,socket wire:2.5㎡,light switch wire:1.5㎡
    Breaker Miniature circuit breaker
    Lighting Double circle waterproof lamps,18W
    Socket 1pcs 5 holes socket 10A,1pcs 3 holes AC socket 16A,1pcs single connection plane switch 10A  (EU /US ..standard)
    Water Supply&Drainage System Water supply system DN32,PP-R,Water supply pipe and fittings
    Water drainage system De110/De50,UPVC Water drainage pipe and fittings
    Steel Frame Frame material Galvanized square pipe 口40*40*2
    Base 19mm cement fiber board, density≥1.3g/cm³
    Floor 2.0mm thick non-slip PVC floor, dark grey
    Sanitary ware Sanitary appliance 2pcs quintuple sink, 10pcs gooseneck faucets,1pcs washing machine faucet,1pcs mop sink and faucet
    Fittings stainless steel gutter, stainless steel gutter grate, 1pcs standy floor drain
    Others Top and column decorate part 0.6mm Zn-Al coated color steel sheet, white-gray
    Skirting 0.8mm Zn-Al coated color steel skirting, white-grey
    Door closers 1pcs Door Closer, Aluminium (optional)
    Adopt standard construction, the equipment and fittings are accord with national standard. as well as, customized size and related facilities can be provided according to your needs.

    Unit House Installation Video

    Stair&Corridor House Installation Video

    Cobined House&External Stair Walkway Board Installataion Video